Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Race To A Green Thumb

When green thumbs were handed out in my family, there were definitely enough to go around. I just think I got the celadon thumb - not necessarily the "greenest" of all the choices - but still within the acceptable range of green. So while my Mom, sister and both brothers have the most beautiful, vibrant interesting or well-designed gardens, my gardens fill the space I've provided for them, and make our yard a nice place to hang out. 

Gardening, and farming in particular, is part of my family heritage. My great grandfather, after all, was the "melon king" of Milwaukee. Last year my sister passed on to me what turned out to be a journal of my family's planting history, started first by my great great grandmother, and carried on after her death by my great grandfather's sister Flora. I was immediately drawn to the entries written in German, as well as the ones later in the 1960's that documented current events such as the assination of JFK.

I used those journal pages, along with my Mom's obsession with capturing and "moving" rabbits (or squirrels) out of her neighborhood, to create this piece I call Bunny Hutch. I found this German game board as part of a multi-game collection - not too old but a lot of fun to discover.


bwichmann said...

Wow, what great pix. AND I love the Bunny hutch and, of course, the story. I'm glad to be able to view and read this and know the author! Thanks for posting. It brightened my day.

elena said...

Love this!!