Monday, August 19, 2013

Sketchbook Challenge - 1703 Miles To Milwaukee

I don't draw...seriously I don't. So when my partner and friends suggested we all join The Sketchbook Project and enter our own books, I begrudgingly signed on. Little did I realize how much fun it would be. I know I can say that now that I actually completed the book and got a receipt that it made it to Brooklyn.

We signed on to the "tour" and theme: 1,703 Miles and Back. The theme piqued my interest since I was pretty sure I could use some maps in my work, and the fact that the tour was actually going to stop in Milwaukee in September. Turns out I won't be here after all when the tour arrives, but I had a seriously good time playing with the theme of what one might see on a trip to Milwaukee - maybe back in the 50's. And the nerd in me made sure I figured out the starting point, 1,703 miles from home - which turned out to be Halifax Nova Scotia, one of the most interesting places I've ever visited.

So I drew - a bit. And used maps and collage as much as I could along with the sketching so that it felt like a book I might actually do, which I did. And I had fun.

Here are some of my favorite pages.