Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun Inside My Head

I wasn't sure what to do with the all the boxes of nostalgia inside my head, until I started to create. I'm thankful every day that I have a partner who encouraged me to do what I love and challenged me to allow a mistake or two. What started out as artist trading cards quickly morphed into an obsession with creating three-dimensional pieces. When I discovered I could incorporate my love of vintage objects, my weekends at the flea markets became treasure hunts for collage. At times I feel really stuck on a theme, but there are so many birds and fish and games inside my head.


Cricket said...

Anyone who knows you knows you have boxes of fun inside your head! What I love best of all is our different creative styles and how we appreciate each other's work!

bwichmann said...

You have the perfect knack for creating a complete story in a little, well made, box or frame. I'm impressed.

carolsue said...

I'm so glad I have one of your wonderful creations on my coffee table where I can enjoy it every day. It's definitely a peek into the fun stuff going on "inside your head."